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Earth Friendly Homes

Homes by Greentech are:

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  • Energy efficient
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All new homes look great from the outside. But to make sure that your next new home is truly energy efficient, it's important to look "behind the walls." GreenTech Homes is a family owned business that has a passion for energy efficient homes.

We share a firm belief that homes can be, and should be built to be as energy efficient as possible.

Are you considering  renovating or improving the energy efficiency of your home?

Building a new home is not the only way to have a more comfortable and energy efficient home. We can make inprovements to your current home to reduce energy consumption and lower your heating and cooling bills.

Additions are a great way to reduce overall energy consumption and bring long-lasting comfort to homeowners. Properly built sunrooms provide more living space and add heat in the winter.

If you are interested in building your next home to take advantage of the latest technologies, give us a call.

Spray Foam Insulation Now Available!


Greentech Homes now offers closed cell spray foam insulation for its homes.

Read more to see why we now use this product in certain applications.

416C IT Cat Backhoe

. Rental with or without operator.

Snow Removal

Yard Cleanup

Grading and Trenching

Septic Install and Repair

Stump removal Call for a quote


Sun Rooms

Sunrooms add passive solar heating to a home.

When properly designed,  sunrooms help heat your home in the winter while adding beauty and comfort. Few spaces are as beautiful and functional, and none can help reduce your energy costs like a well designed sunroom.

Active Solar

sony module.

93,900,000 miles away is the ultimate Power Plant.  Maintenance free with a great distribution system.  Life expectancy of 5 Billion more years with a life time Warranty.  Some assembly required Laughing


Add Insulation to Your Home


ParPac Insulation


GreenTech Homes Uses Blown in Cellulose Insulation In Our Homes.

Find out why!


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